SQL tricks
September 1, 2022

How to check MS SQL Server version?

Question: What are the possible ways to determine the deployed SQL Server version?

Solution: Connect to the instance of SQL Server, and then run the following query:

-- Method 1
SELECT @@version;

-- Method 2
    SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') productversion, 
    SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel') productlevel, 
    SERVERPROPERTY ('edition') edition;

-- Method 3
  SERVERPROPERTY('ProductVersion') AS ProductVersion,
  CAST(SERVERPROPERTY('ProductMajorVersion')  AS INT) AS ProductMajorVersion,
  CAST(SERVERPROPERTY ('ProductMinorVersion') AS INT) AS ProductMinorVersion;

MS SQL Fiddle: https://sqlize.online/sql/mssql2017/3a50befcd7753aad09423d250c00ffff/